Thursday, January 6, 2011

Take one tablet before breakfast...

...And try not to wear it out by lunchtime. Stop periodically to eat, stretch legs, etc.

Lo and behold, my touchpad woes are cured. I love my tablet. I have a netbook, no external ... mouse, speakers, anything, and for Christmas I finally got me a proper drawing tablet. It's useful all around, but what I can't get over is the stupid little Corel Sketch Pad program. I ... I can draw with a pencil. ON THE COMPUTER. I know, I know, the train's not going to come off the screen and hit us. But c'mon, you have to admit it's cool that I can scribble for three hours without worrying about wasting my good pencils and paper.

I'm glad I didn't spring for a larger model (got me a little Intuos4 Small) because it's bigger than my netbook as it is. Some have mentioned the pen stand ... it's true, the pen stand is awesome. It's like having a little inkstand. The less using a computer feels like using a computer, the better, if you ask me. It'll take a while for me to determine whether it was worth the 200 bucks, and whether I really need to keep all this free software installed on my poor overburdened computer, but for now I'm having a blast. Even Inkscape is a little easier on this thing (not so much *clicking*), and I made me a raccoon:

Getting tons of replies for my Penguin Project so far - keep 'em coming, you nonexistent blog-viewers, I've still got over 300 to go!

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