Monday, April 18, 2011

Bad Girl

Just realized how incredibly ungrateful it looked, posting that I found my camera waiting faithfully in the cold where I'd abandoned it, and then posting that I wanted a new camera.

But y'know, the new one is red. And shiny. And my old one never would let me take this picture, for some reason:

Also, the penguins. I sort of forgot about/ran out of penguins for a time. But there's one staring down at me from this weird box of generic frosted flakes on top of the fridge (and it's fishing in the bowl of cereal ... I do not know what they are trying to imply about their product here), so now I'm feeling guilty again.

But I'm avoiding Zazzle because it keeps asking me to consolidate my accounts, and it's kind of awkward because I only have one other account and don't particularly want to consolidate it. Avoidance is my solution to everything.

Speaking of which ... I can't think of anything clever to say, so g'bye.

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