Thursday, April 21, 2011



Well, since I've started a post I guess I have to say something interesting in it. Stupid rule, if you ask me. Have a drink while I think of something.

Okay ... Pandora. Finally got around to using this site, and for one of my channels it's great. Gave me lots of nice, mellow songs. All good.
The one that was intended as a nice, upbeat, 80's/90's channel, went a bit wrong. First I kept getting lazy, slow music and shifting it to the other station. Definitely not much resembling my seed songs (which included Layla, Ballroom Blitz and Roll to Me). Finally I made the mistake of thumbs-upping "Rocky Road To Dublin" from the High Kings, because it was the first song that wasn't slow music or rhythmic screaming.


Here's what happened next, to the best of my knowledge:

Me: That's more like it. :)

Pandora: Ohhh, you like *that*? Awesome, I have lots of that!!! *plays three Irish folk songs followed by two other versions of Rocky Road To Dublin in a row*

Me: Wait, wait, what? No! Stoppit! *thumbs down* What happened to all the other songs I gave you?

Pandora: But ... but you liked it. Do you want me to go back to the slow music?

Me: NO!!! *thumbs down*

Pandora: ... Fine, I'm just going to give you whatever's on top of the pile.

Me: "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)"? Well ... not your best work, but yes, this is the right direction. *thumbs up*

Pandora: O_o But ... but ... I thought you liked the Irish music. Okay. Breathe. Think, Pandora, think. Celtic folk song, yes. Irish folk songs, no. All other folk songs, no. Repetitive pop music ... yes. WTH. Um ... um ... OMG WAIT I KNOW WHAT SHE WANTS!!!

Whether this was in fact Pandora's thought process, its next move was to very enthusiastically present me with "(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles."

Bless its little robot heart.

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