Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Apparently I needed to try limes, so naturally I decided to ... make a pie.
Fun thing to do on your birthday, right?
Managed to make a graham cracker crust without eating half of it
Got a sufficient amount of lime zest to whisk into the egg yolk without sneezing into the food (lime zest is ... zesty), and whisked and whisked and whisked until "very fluffy."

Whisked in the condensed milk - it was oddly beautiful swirling it into the egg yolk, though I couldn't really get a picture while holding the camera with my neck

I was informed that it needed meringue, and the pie left me with three egg whites, so after about three years of beating egg whites (at least I'd realized by then I probably shouldn't use the wire whisk) ... PIE.

Is good.

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