Friday, March 26, 2010

Clever Title Including the Word "Goat"

So, I was looking for goat meat sold locally.
I found exactly one place, the downtown farmer's market. They didn't have any at the time, but it was a start.
Miraculously, they have a website and keep it updated, so when I finally remembered to check back I learned that they not only had goat back in stock, but they were also having a bit of a craft event where you could make paper flowers, and an old friend would be in charge of it.
So that settled it, off to get my goat.

A bit pricey, more than beef but less than lamb.
I made a forum post asking what to do with it, since about all I ever make with lamb is stew or meatballs.
Most of the suggestions were goat curry, which I'll have to do next time, but I finally decided I didn't have the cash to get all the ingredients I was missing.

I decided I'd try goat tagine, since the meat would need to be cooked a while to soften up. All the recipes had prunes or dates. I do not care for prunes or dates. I wondered if I could substitute dried apricots, which I had on hand.
I searched "lamb tagine" instead of "goat tagine," and to my surprise, there was a recipe using apricots, right near the top of the page. I had all but two ingredients, so I ran off to get them and started cooking.

Browning the meat:

Adding the cilantro (I love cilantro so):

Dried apricots and golden raisins:
The recipe, from, had way too little liquid for my taste - a few extra cups of chicken broth fixed that

The finished product, with a hastily-made jumble of couscous and roasted red bell pepper.
So good. I love food.

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