Sunday, February 20, 2011

Decisions, decisions

I've decided I'm going to get a new camera.
Decided it just now.
I'm making just over no money, and my limited photography skills mean I can't rationalize that a new camera's going to help that (the way I could with my drawing tablet, which was all but a necessity - I never could have drawn my Easter Bunny with a touchpad or a mouse).
Still, I wanna camera.
I'd prefer that it isn't plastic (I drop things a lot; my little Fuji J38 would have been deceased long ago if it weren't made of sturdy stuff), that it takes decent low-light pictures (my little Fuji might, if it would ever focus), and that it let me tweak a few more settings manually. Unfortunately, that ... doesn't really narrow it down as much as I'd hoped. Not to mention, I see all the shiny expensive cameras that do AWESOME THINGS and I wannnnnt.
But I must be reasonable here.
There is a budget.
I'm going to say ... $350, max.
No idea what that will get me, but off to the Interwebs to find out.
Wait, I'm already at the Interwebs.
While I sort this out, have a gecko:

You can't really see his face. Because. my camera. won't focus. in low light.

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