Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome to the blog of someone who hates writing blogs

I do. Can't stand it. Otherwise I'd have many more posts than I do now.
I don't like writing at all, really, keeping track of things, talking to people.
To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of people.
That's why I'm going to set my goals small. I currently have on person following this blog. For the rest of this month (next time I'm choosing a longer month), I am going to see if I can bring that number up to 10.
I have no idea how to go about this. I have:

22 followers on Twitter (one of these is Philadelphia Cream Cheese, who started following me after I tweeted about cream cheese recipes for half an hour)
7 Facebook friends (two of whom are actually raccoons)
14 LiveJournal friends (all of whom I neglect woefully)

I just don't get how some people pile on the Friends. Let's face it - most of 'em aren't all that interesting.
Maybe it's that attitude right there that's causing me problems ....
Well, that and the fact that I never actually write anything.

Since the attitude isn't changing any time soon, let's work on the writing.
I know I'm capable of it. I managed a proper 50k-word NaNoWriMo novel, even though it's 50k + words of absolute drivel. I write huge blocks of text when I'm not paying attention. It's this consistency thing that gets me. Every day? There are people who update blogs, tweet on Twitter, TALK TO PEOPLE every single day?
Good God, how do they do it?

So. I'm putting my gecko in charge of Giving Me A Disapproving Look When I Start Slacking.
He's great at it. Look:

Ed is in charge of Giving Me Something To Write About When I Can't Think Of Anything Clever.
I mean, LOOK at her:
Bless her speshul little heart, she just walked around trying to eat those squash seeds off her face for the longest time till I took them and threw them out.

So. To sum up: Me write things. Me make frendz. Me NOT ignore frendz.
Wish me luck?

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