Thursday, August 18, 2011

This took FOREVER...

Which in my world = about 1.5 days. Yes, I'm that impatient. Clearly, hyper-realism will never be my thing. As it is though, here's what I managed to scratch out with Inkscape in that amount of time:

Not sure I'd want it on, say, an iPhone skin

But I have to offer it on everything. Someone did buy some pretty goofy-looking tigers on a *tie* of all things, so....

The fun part will be the variations - silver fox, Arctic fox, Fennec fox, etc. I may have to consult Harry & Elspeth's mummy for help with those.

In other news, finally got all my textbooks ordered (not putting it off to the last minute, they apparently just couldn't decide on a math book till now), and got 5 bucks MP3 credit from Amazon in return (which totally makes up for the 127-dollar textbook, right?), so now I'll be finding five or so songs to buy. One will be "Read My Mind" by the Killers, I'll have to think on the rest. Maybe some Mika, Iron & Wine, Decemberists, something to while away my last school-free afternoons with.

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