Wednesday, June 22, 2011

College students can't buy groceries

Really, it's a wonder we don't all die of malnourishment on Ramen noodles and/or run out of money instantly after discovering a cool new overpriced store.

See, my shopping strategy is "only buy stuff that's cheap or on sale UNLESS it looks cool or I might need it for a recipe at some point or I'm really hungry or there's shiny stuff in a vending machine."

As a result, my backpack and pockets are full of Twix wrappers and my pantry currently contains:

1 bag glutinous rice
3 cans assorted tomato product (always have tomato product and chicken stock, you can make a base for anything)
3 packages Maruchan Ramen (this, frozen chicken stock, canned tomatoes and mixed veggies are the only things I always have, in case I need to make a meal fast - the stock and veggies mean I don't have to use the seasoning packets)
2 jars peanut butter (sale)
1/2 packet dried porcini mushrooms
1 small jar instant coffee (I do not drink coffee)
1 bag dark chocolate-peanut M&Ms (sale)
1 container dried apricots (I'd forgotten about this until today; there are maybe six withered apricots left in the bottom)
1 box rolled oats (for the morio worms)
1 box quick oats (for me, if I decide at some point to like oatmeal)
1 box pumpkin Pocky with 3 sticks remaining (it was the last box in the display, had to buy it)
1 bag evil-tasting puffed-wheat cereal (sale)
1 bag marshmallows
1 bag black walnuts
1 can chili-lime flavored almonds (sale; these taste like heavily-salted evil)
baking soda
baking powder
imitation vanilla (I have had this forever and do not use it; I think it's mostly just evaporating)
giant tub of ground cinnamon (I sort of inherited this, I will never have to buy cinnamon)
cocoa powder
bread crumbs (I don't think I've ever used these)

The high proportion of "I don't use this" items explains why there is so much stuff in my cupboards even though I can never find any ingredients to make food with and I have no money. It may also explain why I have no money....

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