Sunday, August 22, 2010


On my way home from the library I was whining to myself about not having brought a camera (there are always photo opportunities when you put a bunch of volunteers in charge of dress-up materials), when I saw some crows circling overhead, gathering in a big cloud to roost like I'd seen so many times on campus.
Except for the fact that these weren't crows, they were vultures.
I'd never seen that many vultures in town before, but from the huge amounts of feathers scattered over three blocks, they gathered there somewhat often.
It was several blocks home still, and 90 unpleasant degrees, but I managed to walk-jog-walk-pause-jog home for the camera, splash cold water all over my face, grab a tangerine from the fridge to eat on the way, and then walk-jog-walk-eat-walk-pause-jog-eat-walk back to the vultures' tree.

Some interesting discoveries:
  • Turkey vultures resemble turkeys not only in appearance, but in their aroma when dozens of them are clustered in one place.
  • Vultures in droves seem to attract mosquitoes in droves.
  • Citrus, at least in the quantities available in a tangerine peel, does not ward off mosquitoes.
  • My camera's zoom capabilities are only slightly better than those of Shawn's binoculars in the pilot episode of Psych.
These discoveries made for a somewhat lackluster photo experience, but at least I got a few in flight:

Interestingly, in my hurry to free up a little space for these pictures prior to my mad dash back, I managed to delete *all* the other pictures in my camera instead of one.
Well, now I know what that button does.
Serves me right for not moving them to the computer sooner.

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