Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here comes Peter Cottontail....

It's not easy, as it turns out, to fit a whole cut-up fryer rabbit into a smallish Dutch oven, and it's even more difficult to get the thing to cook evenly. It's also a fantastic mess to eat once it's done.
Maybe it's easier when you know what amount is being referred to when the recipe specifies only, "the wine" (it CAN'T be the whole bottle, even though that's implied in the ingredients, as it would take far longer than specified to cook down enough for the cream sauce), and you don't have to fret over balancing enough wine to keep the rabbit in liquid, and not so much you get wine soup.

It turned out alright, I'll likely end up donating most of the sauce to someone who likes Riesling-flavored cream sauce, but it looks pretty enough. No pictures of the finished product, I was getting a bit mad at the sauce and all by then.

In other news, I went all around campus taking pictures of people's staplers. That was interesting enough.

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