Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meanwhile, back in the mundy...

If you've read Bill Willingham's Fables, you know that "mundy" is the term his fairytale folk use for the non-magical people and places outside their little fable community in Manhattan.

If you haven't, well ... I've just explained it to you, so it shouldn't matter. You should still read the series though, graphic-novel fan or not. Even if Bigby seems not to have a face half the time....

Anyhow, I've come to the conclusion that if this is in fact the real world, the library is clearly Fabletown.

In the mundy, people carry around bags and purses and water-coolers and things.
In the library, staff (including myself) have been spotted trekking across the lobby with stuffed animals and giant beanbags, or wearing a plastic lei and carrying a pitcher full of spatulas.

In the mundy, closets and drawers are labeled sensibly or not at all. They contain pens and files and mops and such and rarely go anywhere interesting.
In the library, drawers and closets have at one point or another borne labels such as "Sesame Street" and "To Narnia." One closet door leads to a book drop, a book cart, and a shelf half-covered in glass vases.

In the mundy, people misplace hats and gloves and wallets.
In the library, people misplace baby strollers and pairs of pants. There has been a banana in the Lost & Found basket for two days. It was found in the lobby, and no one has had the heart to throw it out. It is, after all, a perfectly good banana. The empty tub of ricotta cheese from the computer area was discarded.

In the mundy, you can sometimes pet goats at a zoo once you've paid your admission and bought some goat feed.
In the library, we brought a very large miniature bull into the auditorium and people had their pictures taken on top of it. Because it was springtime. We did not charge - luckily, neither did the bull. It was a nice bull, really.
THAT one made the news.

Just some musings from me on this, the last day I am a teenager. Now I will be able to remember these things for my memoirs. I do not have to write about the secret admirer from the computer area, because he left me a very descriptive note with illustrations and everything. It is a very useful memory aid, though I am not sure why the Eye of Horus is on it.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh, dear. He took the red one.

I don't typically title my blogs with direct quotes from movies, but I felt like making an exception today.
I have a new cameraaaah, and it's red. That's really all that's important, right?
It works much better in low light,

... in regular light ...

... in Wal-Mart ...

...and just in general, really.

It's a Lumix DMC-ZS7, and I've only dropped it on the concrete once. So far.

In other news, five people have stopped working at the library since I started up there. Some timing I have. :( I wonder if this is tied to my ability to chase away every mall and grocery store I've ever lived across from simply by being in the area for a couple years.